Indiánské jazyky

Indigenous languages in the Czech republic

In 2005, in the Centre of Ibero-American Studies (SIAS), at Charles University in Prague, V. Hingarová offered for the first time a specialized course on Indigenous languages. Next year she added the course “Introduction to Nahuatl”. In same time, V. Rataj was giving classes of Quechua at Masaryk University in Brno. Great interest in Indigenous languages led the two then PhD students to create the project “Indigenous Languages in Mesoamerica and Peru”, which was supported by the Grant Agency of Charles University in 2007–2009. The goal of the project was to establish cientific interest in Indigenous languages in the Czech republic by means of the following activities:

  1. offer courses on Amerindian linguistics, including courses of Nahuatl and Quechua
  2. obtain specialized materials for the library of the Centre of Ibero-American Studies
  3. create didactic materials for offered courses
  4. present the results of investigation on Nahuatl and Quechua at international conferencies

Currently, the researchers are working on a publication about Quechua (in Czech).

V. Rataj is teaching the course “Quechua for Linguists” in the Department of General Linguistics at Charles university, which is, unlike the previously offered course, focused on the grammar of Quechua

Courses on Indigenous languages at Charles University
FF UKQuechua for Linguists (V. Rataj) annotation in SISSpring 2020
FF UKQuechua for Linguists (V. Rataj)Autumn 2011, 2012, 2016, 2018
FF UKQuechua I. (V. Rataj)Autumn 2010
FF UKQuechua I.–II. (V. Rataj)2009/2010
FF UKContemporaneous Indigenous Languages (V. Hingarová & V. Rataj) abstractAutumn 2009
FF UKNahuatl I.–II. (V. Hingarová) abstract2008/2009
FF UKIndigenous Languages in Latin America (V. Hingarová) abstractAutumn 2008
FF UKQuechua I.–IV. (V. Rataj)2007–2009
FF UKNahuatl I.–II. (V. Hingarová) abstract2006/2007

Works of students of previous courses – see the section Resources Other activities of the researchers are listed in the Czech version

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